Jonathan LoweEvery day there are new problems that inspire people to forecast and predict the future.  When the news from Cairo and from Japan first got Twittered around the world, the financial media alerted investors on what effect it would have on stocks.  Meanwhile, we stumble from crisis to crisis, with no sense of security or sanity anywhere.  Will we have to wait until 2045, when the computer singularity is said to arrive?  Can we even make it until then?  Both television and the internet have plenty of “memes” or cultural scripts for you to ingest like computer viruses while you’re waiting.  (Listen to “The Information” by James Gleick.)  Junk food slogans, jingles,  news sound bites, all of these go out into the world to infect our brains and to self replicate (into peer pressure on others).  So we tailgate each other like scared lemmings, yapping on our iPhones and blaring our horns to get ahead of “the game.” Not very efficient at all.
The video below is science fiction.  Or is it?  My original version was posted as satire, but truth is often stranger than fiction, so who knows?  Time will tell. (There’s another meme.)



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