Classical & Pop Wonders

Cecile LicadAfter divulging my favorite audiobooks, let me reveal my fav musicians.  Cecile Licad is a concert pianist from the Philippines, a prodigy who I got to meet and interview in Tucson on assignment for Tucson Weekly.  In this (fav) photo she seems so feminine (and beautiful), but don’t let this deceive you.  She is a tiger at the keyboard, and completely overwhelmed the orchestra.  She can play anything–including the most difficult of concerti by Rachmaninoff–with ease.  Gees, I’m jealous.  By contrast, here’s a pic of me ages ago as a teenager, attempting to play (badly) a Chopin nocturne, which was nonetheless one of my influences to write (along with Ray Bradbury.)  LoweCecile’s strength is not verbal communication, while I still can’t read music, and had to labor over the most simple chord progressions by rote, (with zero musical talent and only a great love of Chopin.)  By the way, most beginning writers begin with poetry, and who is a better poet in any language or form of expression than Chopin?  What other music floats my battleship?  All kinds, including jazz, electronic, fusion.  Was a pen pal with a concert violinist for a time.  Fav classical piano works?  Concerto for Left Hand by Ravel (also check out this link for an extraordinary performance), Chopin’s nocturnes and preludes, Visions Fugitives by Prokofiev (plus his 3rd concerto and later sonatas), Brahms #2 (which speaks directly to the soul), Rachmaninoff #3, Scriabin sonatas, the list goes on.           



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