The Fabric of the Cosmos — Debt?

Brian GreeneA funny thing happens if you watch both PBS and CNBC.  You have a nightmare in which it’s discovered that the Fabric of the Cosmos is actually debt.  This is not some alternate universe, either.  This is reality, my friend.  Because what is debt, anyway?  It’s a vacuum.  And having interviewed Brian Greene, after reading his book The Hidden Reality, I learned the true nature of black holes, too.  Oh yes, when something falls onto a black hole, it isn’t completely lost inside the singularity, but the information that defines it remains on the surface of the black hole, like a cosmic ledger.  So all the checks which the government has been printing for decades to feed the swirling accretion disk (entitlements) do not in fact simply go away, but rather accumulate, get recorded, and come back to bite you.  Let’s call this a hypernova event, when a massive star (with massive debt) explodes and sends a blast of gamma rays right for your atmosphere and way of life.  (Still think man has nothing to do with global warming?)  Brian also talks about a theory that our universe is actually a projection from the two-dimensional surface outside it, which contains all information (and not just about your finances), then projects the image of you and everything else into three dimensions.  So we may be mere holograms.  This tends to make the statements of Senator Lindsay Graham on Chinese currency manipulation ring hollow, somehow.  What does it matter, if we’re all puppets on a string (theory)?  Just don’t tell someone that the glass of prune juice they’re holding is only a hologram, or they might pour it over your head.  And don’t conclude that we don’t know anything, either.  (That’s just Congress.)  We do know that what goes up must come down.  (Or at least we’re now learning that the hard way.)  We also know what Einstein had to say on the subject of Greece, Italy, and America (et al.), which was, “Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity. And I’m not sure about the universe.”

Black Hole


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