Winner, Best Bookstore BATHROOM



Okay, so there’s no competition going, but since I’m a card-carrying reviewer, here’s my choice for BEST BOOKSTORE BATHROOM.  It’s the Bookmans Independent Bookstore on Speedway Blvd. in Tucson.  They boast a spotless bathroom filled with art, all tile counters and floors, automatic no-touch “facilities,” and real paper napkins for drying your hands, not just hot air.  Ergo, the place rocks instead of blowsNow for the kicker:  What I have just described is the MENS bathroom.  I can’t imagine what NIRVANA of pampered delights exists next door, for women who ACTUALLY NOTICE such things.  Kudos to Bookmans.  Now, may I have my next signing there, guys?  (Ah, but not in the bathroom, unless it’s a humor book.)

Bookstore bathroom

Bathroom art

Bathroom Art!

Powerball winner


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