Remembering Frank Muller

Frank MullerNarrator Scott Brick told me recently about his Blackstone audio production titled THE PATRICK SCOTT SMOKIN’ MYSTERIES, also hosted by him and produced/written by Patrick Fraley, another voice talent and also teacher.  The thirty-plus full cast mystery scenarios feature their brightest students (and themselves) performing audio puzzlers, with a live interview with Frank Muller added at the end, talking about how he worked, and with anecdotes about Stephen King.  Proceeds from the audiobook go to the Frank Muller family.  Frank, of course, was called “the first true superstar of spoken word audio” by Library Journal.  He was King’s favorite narrator, and friend.  He died in 2008 in failing health from his motorcycle accident in 2001.  Frank narrated my own first novel in 1999, and I spoke to him on the phone several times, including for the interview here.  I met him once too, at the Audie awards, where he received his last Audie for reading Tishomingo Blues by Elmore Leonard for Harper Audio.  He was a gifted and generous person who filled the lives of millions with the magic of story telling.  If you aren’t familiar with his narration, you are in for a treat.  A full list of the books he’s read is here.  What with audiobooks (and ebooks) for your iPhone and iPod and iPad, you may never read a print book again!

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