Bathescape Descends to Depths of Debt

National DebtBanking CEOs and former Bath party members have descended to the depths of the National Debt, caused by wars in the Middle East and the predatory lending practices of bailed-out banks.  They report being in “shock and awe” over the pressure being placed on the ship of State as it creaked and groaned to the bottom, where layers of investor sentiment clouded the water so the bottom could not be seen. . . although sharks were present everywhere.  In a tense moment, when a crack appeared in the glass, the pilot exchanged jokes with his VP about “taking a bath, like our clients” instead of escaping to Dubai as planned.  Then the following fairy tale was told in an effort to calm Jean-Luc Picard, operating the controls of the Trieste Hedge Fund.


Goldisachs and the Bear Market

Once upon a time there were three bears; the mother bear, the father bear and the baby bear who lived in a house in the woods. One morning the mother bear dipped into their savings for breakfast. When the three bears sat at the table to eat, they found that their savings were too hot. “Let’s go for a walk to the market,” the mother bear said. “The savings will be cool enough to eat when we return.” So off they went.

Nearby, Goldisachs was walking in the woods. “I’ve been walking such a long time, and I’m tired of pushing paper all day, and I’m hungry too,” Goldisachs said. Just then Goldisachs saw the three bear’s house. “Maybe there is something to steal in there,” Goldisachs said, and went inside.

Goldisachs saw the food on the table, and decided to try it. First Goldisachs tried father bear’s savings but it was too hot. Then Goldisachs tried the mother bear’s savings but it was too cold. But the baby bear’s savings was just right, and Goldisachs ate it all up.

“My goodness I’m sleepy,” Goldisachs said entering the bedroom. Goldisachs sat on the father bear’s bed, but it was too hard. Goldisachs then sat on the mother bear’s bed, but it was too soft. The baby bear’s bed was just right, and Goldisachs fell asleep there.

In a short while the three bears returned from the market. “Someone’s been eating my savings!” said the father bear.  “Someone’s been eating my savings too!” said the mother bear.”  Someone’s been eating my savings, and they ate it all up!” cried the baby bear.  They looked around the house to find who had done this. When they looked in the bedroom they saw Goldisachs asleep on baby bear’s bed.  Just then Goldisachs woke up, saw the three bears and screamed.  The three bears tried to bring Goldisachs to justice, but Goldisachs ran all the way (to her Washington DC) home.


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