Wild Weather & Hot Coffee

Best Coffee

“Peter’s bad dreams are so persistent he has to drink a lot of coffee just to stay awake. But you come to appreciate the aroma and taste, and this cup is good to the last drop.” –BR

Tornado horror

Produced by Blackstone Audio, and narrated by Barrett Whitener, a crossover Christian horror novel about a young man with nightmares about storms, hell, and the greedy televangelist who instigated it all.  Michael Rivers is being treated by a lady psychologist who intends to use his case as a means to fight for custody of her brainwashed son.  Set in Tucson, the story moves to Miami, where a confrontation with the TV preacher culminates during a hurricane party at a threatened beach house. Full sound effects. On CD and Mp3-CD, or download. “A true thriller with an unexpected ending” –Audiobook Cafe

audiobooks on cassette

These are the original cassette versions of the novel, now out of print. It is now available on CD, Mp3 CD, and download on audio, and as a Kindle ebook under the title “Quantum Salvation.”


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