Fame Island

The Instant Celebrity

Review from Audible: “Picking a veteran Hollywood screen and Star Wars voiceover actor for this was genius. This is an audio movie possessing wit, charm and intrigue in spades.”


Radio Grenadines aired a clip of the novel, as narrated by actor Kristoffer Tabori. The station is on Union Island, one mile from Palm Island, and is heard in St. Vincent and Grenada. The novel is set on Union and Palm, and postulates a coup attempt against a corrupt governor there. (The island was once taken over by renegade invaders in real life.) Today the place is bustling and friendly, a tourist destination. Palm Island was originally known as Prune island and, despite the allure of its sandy beaches, was uninhabited and contained quite a lot of swampland in its low-lying interior. In 1966 the island was leased by John and Mary Caldwell from the St. Vincent & the Grenadines government. They reclaimed much of the sodden interior by planting coconut palms, a habit John had developed on many of his previous voyages, earning him the nickname “Johnny Coconuts.” Fittingly, Prune Island became Palm Island, and the couple began constructing a 10-room hotel called the Palm Island Beach Club which they ran for the next 35 years. (I visited John to interview him for various travel magazines like Adventure Travel and Cruising World, and was inspired by his true story in writing my own.) Their hotel business was eventually sold and redeveloped after John died. 

Kristoffer Tabori

Fame Island

In CD or MP3-CD format or download from Audible or Audiobooks.com or Downpour or iTunes. Also ebook.


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