About Jonathan Lowe

Jonathan Lowe is a journalist, novelist, actor, and former book reviewer published widely in magazines, with awards from the SC Arts Commission, Roger C. Peace foundation, Audiofile, and Writer’s Digest. Have interviewed dozens of authors from Clive Cussler to Nora Roberts.


The Methuselah Gene. Scifi medical thriller based on real science.

Arizona Highways

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“Fame Island” became “Lottery Island” in 2019 on audio as an “audio movie.” Narrated by Emmy winning actor/director Kristoffer Tabori, then Tom Lennon, set on Palm and Union Islands, Grenadines. Based on the true story of John Caldwell, now ebook and audiobook on CD and Mp3-CD. 

Jude Johnstone and his photographer buddy Grover once traveled together for magazine articles. Times have changed. Jude is now a tabloid reporter in Miami, and Grover runs a dying camera shop. Then Jude gets a tip leading to the location of a disappeared Powerball winner of $900M, and finds him in hiding in a South Beach penthouse. Howard Rosen was a bowling alley accountant who has erased his identity with the plan to reemerge a hero after financing a coup against a corrupt Caribbean island dictator. He hires Jude to find his possible son, or is it just a young man claiming to be his son on Union? He instructs Jude to find out, and to help islanders resist the governor, with an unlimited budget and the lure of a fake reality show to infiltrate. What happens next is anything but predictable, though, as a raging storm approaches. And if he and Grover fail to beat the opposing tribe? They’re shark food!