Wallow Fire Blues

wallow fireIt’s so sad, the fire around Alpine AZ…I was just telling my sister what an incredible place that is…so pristine, little traffic, vast forests…I saw a wolf and then a family of 7 deer in the road.  I had just driven through there on my way back to SC for the summer, and was warned by someone at a gas station not to take highway 191 up to i40 because of all the switchbacks (“it’s a huge waste of time” he said).  I took the road anyway, and was amazed….one of the most beautiful roads I’ve ever seen.  Didn’t pass a single car the first 50 miles, heading north through mountain wilderness.  When I came to Alpine it was so incredible I was even wondering how it might be possible to live there, and then I pick up the paper here in SC the other day, and see that it’s about to be engulfed in flames. So sad. I just can’t imagine driving back that way and seeing all those trees now only ash.  I thought of Avatar, and hope this wasn’t caused by some careless camper or arsonist.

highway 191

arizona forest