Had so much fun on…

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Sophia Lillis: can you guess what she had so much fun on? Did she mean just the Ellen show? What was It? Nancy Drew? And have you seen Pet Sematary yet? It is quite scary. Don’t go alone. In fact, bring your entire crew. Of grave diggers. (The twist ending comes out of the blue, BTW. Like The Deep Blue Good-bye that MacDonald wrote about.) What do these stories have in common? Flashlights needed in the aisles of the movie theaters to make sure the screams aren’t, like, literally heart-stopping. Speaking of literary matters, it generally helps to have, like, a sense of humor. Avoid using certain words too much, like “right.” Mark Cuban started this craze, I think. Am iRight, Mark? Also phrases like “for all intents and, like, purposes.” Porpoises. Or “generally speaking.” Stephen King prefers correct Grammarly. If you don’t write right he may come up the aisle with his deadlights, but only if you’re plagiarizing. Or if, when you make a list as a talking dead head, you go into an insane lilt of emphasis on each item, like “I counted three graves…one for the money, two for the show, three to get ready, and, like…four to go?” (LOL) They call these “pet peeves.” Cat got your tongue?) Two Tales Up!

Pet Sematary