Fires and Floods

wallow fireIt was sad, the fire around Alpine AZ…I was just recalling it with my sister, who has brain cancer. And what an incredible place that was…so pristine, little traffic, vast forests…I saw a wolf and then a family of 7 deer in the road.  I had just driven through there on my way back to SC for the summer, and was warned by someone at a gas station not to take highway 191 up to i40 because of all the switchbacks (“it’s a huge waste of time” he said).  I took the road anyway, this road not taken, and was amazed….one of the most beautiful roads I’ve ever seen.  Didn’t pass a single car the first 50 miles, heading north through mountain wilderness.  When I came to Alpine it was so incredible I was even wondering how it might be possible to live there, and then I pick up the paper here in SC the other day, and see that it’s about to be engulfed in flames. Now such fires are commonplace and getting worse. I just can’t imagine driving back that way. Perhaps those trees, some of them, have grown back since 2011. Many of the biggest and oldest were reduced to ash. I thought of Avatar, caused by some careless camper or arsonist. Or lightning. Of course the East sees floods, from Texas to New England. Florida? The Sunshine State is often flooded as well. What’s next?