Yuja Wang on the “Dress Scandal”

Yuja Wang
Lady in Red/Orange plays Hollywood Bowl

Phenomenal pianist Yuja Wang has been called a sexy female version of Lang Lang, also from China (now living in New York) and possessed of a humble yet fun personality.  Along with her similar and extraordinary talent, she has been making waves in the classical music world, introducing many young people to serious music for the first time.  She appeared at the Hollywood Bowl to play Rachmaninoff’s 3rd Concerto wearing the dress above, causing criticism from some and praise from others.  What a gutsy move, to sweep away the perceived cobwebs of the general public with a bravura performance that drew raves for its exquisite musicianship.  The 3rd is one of the most difficult of concerti, yet she played it with ease and great feeling.  She appeared in the NY Times, and the quote that struck me was from a conductor who said, “You don’t need the world, Yuja, the world needs you.”  What a great compliment to a true artist with a rare dedication and sensitivity (minus the ego that is common in most pop performers.)  Yuja also said recently that she doesn’t want to approach the works of Bach and Brahms until she has more maturity, and something new to offer the interpretation.  Likewise, with the dresses she wears: “I won’t be wearing these in my 50s, so why not while I can?”  She is an individual who is expressing who she is, and is having fun while interpreting music with an soulful and unique passion complimented by an astonishing command of the instrument.  What more could you want to attract a new audience?  See my brief interview with Yuja HERE.  (With links to her albums.)

AstanovaHERE is my interview with Russian-American pianist Lola Astanova, which includes the subject of dress too. BTW, both Yuja and Lola have a great sense of humor, don’t you think? I’ve discovered that classical musicians and true artists are sensitive and kind by nature, (not divas at all) and the same can be said for the men too. Of course we are more limited in what we can wear!

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Yuja Wang
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