Cruise Ship Mysteries

HurricanesHorrorcanes: Caribbean Cruises, stories inspired by a cruise trip prior to the hurricanes this summer to Puerto Rico, Bonaire, Curacao, and St. Martin. The ebook is .99 cents, and sharable. It includes novel excerpts from Fame Island (an audiobook partly based on a true story, set in the West Indies), The Methuselah Gene (a thriller with a climax on a cruise ship), and Postmarked for Death (my first novel), plus a Bermuda Triangle honeymoon cruise sailing into a hurricane (with a “twist.”) Also shown is are two other cruise mystery or hurricane related books: Awakening Storm, and Distress Signals. All are available at

Traveled to San Juan with my sister, who has a friend there. The friend is currently hunkered down, but sick. Sis has just been informed she has cancer. So am taking her to MRIs and doctors offices. Interviewed the author of Distress Signals here:


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