Dog Poems


playing ball

the ball did not matter     to him,
it was the play,
the movement and bright colors,
it was the     interaction,
and i cannot escape the same need,
the same desire,
for bright places           people,
what we had in common,
what he learned from me,
even as i sit here        now
without movement
in this room with curtains pulled
tight      not right
missing him
and life
and trying to                 understand

Ray Bradbury Poem

(Ray Bradbury was my writing mentor, having answered every letter I wrote him as a teen. Have several new release ebooks and audiobook productions. If you are press, email me at TowerReviewFilms(at)Gmail for a free review download code or ePub copy. If you are not press, order a title and get another free. Titles shown HERE, and appear at Amazon, iTunes,, and Smashwords.)