The Methuselah Gene

medical thriller

Audiobook and eBook

Meet Alan Dyson, a lonely research scientist experimenting with the longevity effects of a newly discovered bristlecone pine tree gene.  He thinks someone has been watching him, following him.  He’s right.  He shouldn’t have told a woman pretending to be interested in him on the internet his secret: that he’s discovered a way to encode the gene into the human brain…which may extend life by decades.  Now that he’s a target, he’s about to learn “she” wasn’t a woman–or alone–after all. He joins forces with a girl in Zion, Iowa who is on the Witness Protection Program there, and together they decide to uncover the mystery while in danger for their lives.  (Originally in hardcover, now ON AUDIO, narrated by Tim Lundeen, or as ebook.)

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The oldest known single living organism is the “Methuselah Tree”, a bristlecone pine, located in California and currently 4842 years old!

Medical thriller

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Personable and entertaining….fast paced and successfully unpredictable.   –Tucson Weekly