The Miraculous Plot of Leiter & Lott

Meet David Leiter and Valerie Lott. . . David is a former optics engineer in search of something more than revenge in glamorously rich DUBAI, and against the greedy banker and the televangelist who absconded there with his dead mother’s money. With the aid of a former colleague, he’s soon mingling with eccentric billionaires in his quest to undercover the truth about them, and himself.  What he finds is more than he could have imagined, as Valerie, a TV producer in Tucson, enters the plot on a quest of her own. Is it fate or chance that their worlds will cross? Certainly it’s a miracle, and with a twist unlike any you’ve experienced. Suspense mounts as military drones attack spectacular architecture, while a romance begins which may be influenced by quantum entanglement, making this “the most boldly different and unforgettable story you’ll read this year.”  (Available on KINDLE, NOOK and iBooks or PDF formats.  Also an AUDIOBOOK.)

Sample, from David’s story:

Sample, from Val’s story:

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